CMAST Reports

NC State University Belltower

NC State University Belltower

These documents fall into two categories: (i) Annual CMAST Activity Reports that quantify and describe the accomplishments and productivity of our center, and (ii) Self-Assessment of Marine Science Activities at NC State University and the UNC-System.

Regarding the latter, at the request of the University of North Carolina System General Administration (UNC-GA), the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s (AAAS) Research Competitiveness Program undertook a comprehensive review of the marine and coastal programs within the UNC-System.

Their report, based on that review, includes findings and recommendations that are meant to guide the UNC System as it seeks to leverage strengths and maximize impact of its marine-related program assets. The AAAS Report used “Self-Assessment Reports” from NC State University and the other marine-related programs in the UNC-System, as well as site visits, to make their assessment.

American Association for Advancement of Science’s (AAAS) Research Competitiveness Report

Self-Assessment of Marine Science Activities at NC State University and the UNC-System

2014-2015 CMAST Annual Activity Report

2010 CMAST Activity Report

2009 CMAST Activity Report

2008 CMAST Activity Report

2007 CMAST Activity Report

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