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Kenneth J. Roberts, Jerald W. Horst, John E. Roussel, and Joseph A. Shephard
Louisiana Sea Grant College Program
Louisiana State University

Anadromous - Fish that migrate from saltwater to fresh water to spawn.
Autotrophic - An organism that is capable of living exclusively on inorganic materials, water, and some energy source such as sunlight of chemically reduced matter, such as algae and plants. (Contrast with heterotrophic)
Benthic - Refers to animals and fish that live on the seafloor.
Catadromous - Fish that migrate from fresh water to saltwater to spawn.
Commercial Fishery - A term related to the whole process of catching and marketing fish and shellfish for sale. *It refers to and includes fisheries resources, fishermen, and related business directly or indirectly involved in harvesting, processing, or sales.
Catch Per Unit of Effort (CPUE;C/E) - The number of fish caught by an amount of effort. Typically, effort is a combination of gear type, gear size, and length of time gear is used. Catch per unit of effort is often used as a measurement of relative abundance for a particular fish.
Economic viability -
Gravid - Being with child; heavy with young; pregnant
Growth overfishing - When fishing pressure removes too many large individuals. Larger females are able to produce more eggs than smaller females, thus reducing the ability of a population to recover quickly.
Heterotrophic - An organism that requires preformed organic molecules as food, such as humans, sea otters, blue crabs, and sea jellies. (Contrast with autotroph)
Landings - The number or poundage of fish unloaded at a dock by commercial fishermen or brought to shore by recreational fishermen for personal use. Landings are reported at the points at which fish are brought to shore. Note that landings, catch, and harvest define different things.
Nutrients - chemical elements and compounds found in the environment that plants and animals need to grow and survive. For water-quality investigations the various forms of nitrogen and phosphorus are the nutrients of interest. (
Recreational Fishery - Harvesting fish for personal use, fun, and challenge. Recreational fishing does not include sale of catch. *The term refers to and includes the fishery resources, fishermen, and businesses providing needed good and services.
Recruit - An individual fish that has moved into a certain class, such as the spawning class or fishing-size class.
Recruitment - A measure of the number of fish that enter a class during some time period, such as the spawning class or fishing-size class. Also the addition of new individuals to a population.
Recruitment Overfishing - When fishing pressure is too heavy to allow a fish population to replace itself.
Sessile - Refers to animals that are fixed to one spot and unable to move, e.g. barnacles, corals, mussels
Shellfish - General term for crustaceans and mollusks.
Stock - A grouping of fish usually based on genetic relationship, geographic distribution, and movement patterns. *Also a managed unit of fish.

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