Brandon Puckett and Ray Mroch conducting field research.

Brandon Puckett and Ray Mroch conducting field research.

From learning how Oysters “listen” to the ocean to pick their habitat, helping develop a value-added seafood product from local catch, tagging fish to study their migration and mortality, to responding to whale and dolphin strandings or rescuing cold-stun turtles, CMAST has a thriving and diverse number of projects underway at any given time.

Faculty, graduate students, and other professionals utilize the many assets of the CMAST facilities to put their work into action to garner important knowledge and affect real change to learn about and protect our precious marine environment.

Be sure to explore our Programs @ CMAST section to see a comprehensive overview of the work being done at CMAST, but with this section of the site, we take the opportunity to highlight a few of the CMAST projects in greater detail. Look for projects to be added periodically.

Featured Projects

Spotted Seatrout Tagging StudyNOV 2013: NC State researchers are studying the movement and mortality of spotted seatrout in North Carolina using advanced tagging and telemetry techniques.