Dr. David Eggleston

Dr. David Eggleston, Director

Professor of Marine Science
Department of Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Director, Center for Marine Sciences and Technology
Address: NC State University, Dept. MEAS, Box 8208, Raleigh, NC 27695-8208
Department of Marine, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Email: eggleston@ncsu.edu
Phone: 919-515-7840 (Raleigh) and 252-222-6301 (Morehead City)
Fax: 919-515-7802

Research Area

Research Summary

Emphasize testing and refining general ecological theory and concepts in marine systems with the goal that answers will: (1) make important contributions to our understanding of ecological patterns and processes in marine ecosystems, and (2) be applied to sustainable management of natural resources and coastal communities. Use a combination of field observations, field and laboratory experiments, computer simulation modeling, and geochemical tracer and molecular tools to test assumptions and develop a mechanistic understanding of animal behavior, population connectivity and ecosystem dynamics. Study systems range from tropical to temperate, and shallow estuarine to deep-sea. Study species range from marine and freshwater fish to macro-invertebrates, especially crabs, lobster and bivalves. Research spans the disciplines of biology, ecology, physics, economics, mathematics, statistics, and chemistry. Graduates become future leaders in academia, research and management.