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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the program be located?

All classes will be at CMAST in Morehead City, NC

Are there extra costs?

No. Tuition, fees, and the student health plan will be the same as for on campus courses.

What courses will I be taking?

Courses available include:

  1. MEA 200, Introduction to Oceanography, DELTA, (3 Cr), Spring Semester, Raleigh
  2. MEA 469, Ecology of Coastal Resources, 3 Cr, Dr. Dave Eggleston, A. Schnetzer, and Mr. Jess Hawkins
  3. AEC XXX, Marine Fisheries, 3 Cr, Dr. Jeff Buckel & Dr. Jess Hawkins
  4. ES XXX, Biology of Marine Mammals Course, 3 Cr, Dr. Vicki Thayer
  5.  ES XXX, Marine Resource Management & Policy, 3 Cr, Dr. Louis Daniel

What if I’ve already taken MEA 200?

You can choose an alternate DELTA course. Alternatively, if you are an ES student, you have the opportunity to complete your ELE (see Q5).

Will there be opportunities for undergraduate research, internships, etc.?

Yes, the following courses are available for 1 – 3 Cr:

  1. ES 496, Environmental Science Internship
  2. ES 497, Environmental Science Professional Development Activity
  3. ES 498, Environmental Science Research
  4. ES 499, Environmental Science Undergraduate Thesis

Where will I stay?

All students will stay in dormitories at the nearby CMAST Coastal Quarters.

Where will I eat?

All students will get three meals/day at the Duke Marine Lab Dining Hall. Dining costs are slightly higher than comparable dining costs on the NCSU campus

What are the costs for room and board?

Room and board costs will be slightly higher at the Duke Marine Lab than on campus because of the higher costs of supporting infrastructure at the coast. The table below shows costs differences.Show 102550100 entriesSearch:

 Room CostDining CostTotal Cost
Duke Marine Lab$3,200$3,700$6,900
NC State Campus$3,000$2,400$5,400
Cost Difference$200$1,300$1,500

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Room costs are for double occupancy at both the Duke Marine Lab and for residence halls at the NC State main campus. Duke Marine Lab dining costs are for 21 meals per week; costs for the NC State main campus are based on scaling the costs of the 14 meals per week plan to 21 meals per week.

My family lives nearby, do I have to stay at the Marine Lab?

All students will stay at the Duke Marine Lab as living, studying, and networking as a community is an important part of the experience.

Are there any prerequisites to participate?

No, there are no prerequisite courses

Can students from any major apply?

Yes, students from all majors are welcome

How do I apply?

Applications for future semesters will be available from this site when released.

Will there be organized activities on the weekends? Will they be required?


What is the maximum number of students who can participate?

Space in the program is limited to 25 students

Will I need to bring any specialized equipment or materials?

No special equipment or materials will be necessary for the coursework. Students should bring appropriate outdoor rain gear, jackets, and footwear for field trips and light fieldwork.

Will I need to buy additional student health and dental insurance?

No. Students who are eligible for the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) will be covered with health care insurance while with the Semester@CMAST program. Students can visit to locate a provider in a certain area.

Dental care is not included in the SHIP plan. However, StudentBlue does offer a separate dental plan that students can purchase in addition to SHIP. Students can review and/or enroll in the dental plan by visiting the link above.