DoreenDoreen McVeigh

Doreen McVeigh completed her PhD  in the department of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences at North Carolina State University in June 2016. Her dissertation uses a climatological computer model developed by the Ocean Observing and Modeling Group to simulate species-specific behaviors of four seep invertebrates across five methane seep sites.  The behavior results are then compared to particles advected only by the currents to understand how behavior influences potential dispersal throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Western Atlantic. Doreen is also a passionate public speaker with over 30 public talks in the US and Europe to connect the public with ocean science and the mysteries of the deep sea.

Abigail LaBella

Abigail LaBella is a PhD candidate in the Duke University Program in Genetics and Genomics. Her research into the population dynamics of deep-sea organisms has taken her on multiple research expeditions to the bottom of the ocean on the submersible Alvin. In particular, Abigail studies a species of deep-sea clam known as Abyssogena southwardae which lives on the deepest chemosynthetic habitats across the Atlantic Ocean. She is interested in when they arrived in the Atlantic and how they spread to so many different habitats.