The Blue Crab in North Carolina
North Carolina State 

Postlarval or 
Megalopal Stage Blue Crab

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Other Resources

Blue Crab Websites

Blue Crab Ecology , Smithsonian Environmental Research Center: Contains information on stock enhancement, migration, reproduction, mortality, and habitat partitioning.

The Blue Crab, Virginia Institute of Marine Science: Contains general Information, recipes

Blue Crabs in the Chesapeake, Maryland Sea Grant: General info, lessons, research

Blue Crab Home Page: Info on the blue crab of Louisiana including regulations, culture, recreational crabbing

Blue Crab Archives: Links to science & learning as well as industry & trade

Blue Crab, The Chesapeake Bay Program: Life Cycle, terms quizzes

The Blue Crab in Deleware, Maryland: General info, recipes, how to catch blue crabs

Sea Science Blue Crabs, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources: Life Cycle, mating, growth, abundance, predators, conservation

Texas Crabs, Texas Parks and Wildlife: General Info, catching, cleaning, eating

Teacher Resources

Chessie: Lessons on coastal and marine plants and animals of the Chesapeake Bay

Virtual Marine Education Center, Virginia Institute of Marine Science: K-12 Education

Mid Atlantic Marine Educators Association

Bridge, Virginia institute of Marine Science: Ocean Science information and lessons The Blue Crab Online Resource, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center: Contains general information and educational links. This site is a perfect introduction for those with limited knowledge of blue crabs. **This site contains great PHOTOS of blue crabs at all life stages.