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Marsha Sirkin Chosen as Director of Science House, Coastal Satellite Office

Marsha Sirkin

North Carolina State University’s Center for Marine Sciences and Technology (CMAST) welcomes Marsha Sirkin in her new position as Director of the Coastal Satellite Office of the Science House. Sirkin joins the NC State CMAST/Science House family with a wealth of expertise, including her connections with the Carteret County and North Carolina Public School Systems and knowledge of STEM.  She has twenty-one years of experience as a classroom educator, instructional technology facilitator, and digital learning coach.  In addition, she serves as a NC Digital Initiative Ambassador for the NC Department of Instruction.

In her new role, Sirkin will provide effective teaching strategies for teachers across the state.  She will be modeling STEM classes for teachers and coaching them on shifting activities towards science and engineering.  For example, next week, she will be in Ocracoke working with a variety of teachers to demonstrate how to link literacy and STEM activities in lessons. The workshop, titled, Introduction to Modeling and the Science and Engineering Practices, will address the state’s new science and Engineering Practices (SEPs), and introduce teachers to best practices and instructional methods of SEPs and Modeling.

Sirkin says, “Each opportunity [I have had] has blessed me with relevant research-based best practices and a network of professionals that feel like family.  My unique experiences have helped cultivate a sense of servant leadership within me to create partnerships with others to make sure  we are providing the best possible learning experiences for students and teachers.  I am so excited to bring The Science House back to CMAST and work with our community in eastern North Carolina.  I know together we can inspire and prepare future scientists, problem solvers, innovators, STEM leaders, and communicators.”