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Marine Science at NC State – Academics

Undergraduate and graduate students are often the engines that drive successful university research programs.  Students add their own creativity and ideas to the scientific method and develop such strong expertice that they often “teach the teacher”.  Higher education is essential for maintaining a vibrant economy and healthy communities in the face of increasing global competition and complex environmental challenges. Undergraduate and graduate education at NC State teaches students how to think critically, thereby preparing them to deal with and find solutions to future problems of which we cannot even conceive of today.

Instruction at NC State begins in the classroom and leads to hands-on research opportunities where students work side-by-side with leading researchers in their fields.  Programs such as off-campus job internships and co-ops expose students to real-world challenges and experiences. NC State graduates use their extensive academic and field expertise, combined with on-the-job experience to secure in academia, state and federal agencies and private industry.