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Working with students is a great way to connect with the next generation of scientists and conservation advocates. Each Spring, I mentor multiple Semester at CMAST students who conduct research projects that support the conservation priorities of the North Carolina Aquariums. Check out my individual project pages for specific details about the kind of work we do together. I also mentor fellowship students each summer.

My approach as a student mentor is to lay out a strong foundation for each project, including a comprehensive understanding of the scientific methods used, the background research that has been conducted, and the overall context for why the work is relevant. This groundwork allows students to work, largely independently, to accomplish the goals we set for each project. Often students design their own side projects once they get a feel for the work. Regular communication is the key to successful completion, so we meet frequently to review progress. I encourage critical thinking and enjoy spending time discussing science with students.

Laboratory Diversity Statement

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core values of my laboratory. My students and I will nurture a culture unified in our shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and social awareness.