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MEA 350

This course is part of the Semester at CMAST program and is co-taught with Dr. Dave Eggleston. My course focuses on the scientific, regulatory, social and economic factors that must be considered when trying to solve complex conservation issues. Important course concepts include:

  • modern definitions of conservation
  • sampling and experimental design
  • priority threats to biodiversity
  • scientific areas of expertise in conservation
  • laws governing conservation in the US and internationally
  • social and economic considerations

This class includes a combination of lectures and active discussion. My goal is to foster critical evaluation of global, regional and local examples of marine conservation needs and actions. Students learn about the importance of successfully connecting interdisciplinary resources to achieve conservation outcomes. Throughout the semester, we read and discuss current, peer-reviewed scientific articles on a range of conservation topics. Students independently delve into important issues in North Carolina by developing a case study about a currently relevant conservation issue.