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Russell Philbrick

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Atmospheric Physics
  • Optical Propagation through Ocean, Aerosol Scattering

Research Summary

My primary research interests are in atmospheric and space physics.  My early research in 1960’s and 70’s used mass spectrometers on rockets and satellites to make some of the early studies of the atmospheric structure and composition in the middle atmosphere and thermosphere, and in the ionosphere. These measurements are the basis of the US Standard Atmosphere and several other models still used today. Atmospheric structure and dynamics of the mesosphere and thermosphere was studied using a very high sensitivity piezoelectric accelerometer on rocket payloads, the emphasis was on mesospheric dynamics, noctilucent clouds, auroral processes, and winter anomaly.  Beginning in the mid-1970’s, I started developing lidar techniques for remote sensing of the atmospheric properties, chemistry, and processes. 


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