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Dave DeMaster

Area(s) of Expertise

Research Areas

  • Marine Geochemistry
  • Global Biogeochemical Cycles
  • Radiochemistry
  • Antarctic Bentho-Pelagic Coupling
  • Particle Mixing in Marine Sediments
  • Nutrient Cycling in Rivers and Estuaries

Research Summary

My research focuses on the use of naturally occurring radioisotopes in understanding global biogeochemical cycles and rates of sedimentary processes (e.g., sedimentation and bioturbation). Recent research has focused on the Antarctic; specifically, examining bentho-pelagic coupling and the characterization of labile organic matter in Antarctic continental shelf sediments. Radiocarbon (C-14) is being as a tracer to resolve the relative amounts of labile organic matter and refractory organic matter in the seabed.


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