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Dave Green

Professor and Extension Seafood Specialist

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Detection and enumeration of histamine-producing bacteria in scombroid fish
  • Post-harvest treatment technologies for food safety of molluscan shellfish
  • Innovative process development for adding value to fish and fishery products

Research Summary

My research focuses on post-harvest handling, processing and packaging operations that impact the quality and safety of fresh and salt-water fish and shellfish. Research interests are in stress reduction on fish at harvest to improve the quality and shelf life of whole fish and development of rapid analytical techniques for monitoring the safety and quality of aquatic foods. In particular, we developed molecular techniques for detection and quantification of toxigenic-histamine producing bacteria in marine fish. Current research interests are in post-harvest treatments to reduce incidence of human illness due to consumption of raw or under-cooked shellfish (oysters and clams).


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